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Omar G Siller, Research & Programming Senior Architect, created a company to provide bespoke services to the Design Community. KGS is created to be a Worldwide Hub of information and support services to Architects, Landscape Architects, and Interior Designers. As a former practicing Architect, practicing Healthcare and Bio-Research Laboratories in California, Siller understands a professional’s need for a knowledgeable partner to see their creative ideas constructed to the best fabrication standards of the day and keep clients served in Organic Structures, Copper, Cast Stone, and Thermal Plastics.

Key Company Influences

Villa Lante

Bagnaia, Viterbo, Italy

With this concept, research of the built environment we see today and the variations of ideas originated in the Villa Lante, located in Bagnaia, Viterbo, central Italy. Designed in the 1560’s (462 Years ago) by Architect Giacomo da Vignola. The beautiful gardens designed in the Mannerist Style. Villa Lante did not become so known until it passed to Ippolito Lante Montefeltro della Rovere, Duke of Bomarzo, in the 17th century, when it was already 100 years old. Also called Giacomo Barozzi or Giacomo Barozio, (Born Oct, 1, 1507, Vignola, Bologna [Italy] – died July 7, 1573, Rome), architect who, with Andrea Palladio and Giulio Romano, dominated Italian Mannerist architectural design and stylistically anticipated the Baroque.

Jardinier Du Roi

Paris, France

Andre Le Notre, General Manager of the Garden of Louis XIV, King of France (1613-1700) King of the gardeners and gardener of King Le Notre gave acclaim to the French garden. He was the author of the most beautiful gardens of the seventeenth century and made Versailles its absolute masterpiece. His talents earned him a huge fortune and an international reputation.

Pythagoras Kepler System


Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958), a forest warden, natural scientist, and inventor, had made many related discoveries in various fields in the ’30s and ’40s including forestry, agriculture, hydraulic engineering, water refining, and Free Energy – about which he left a comprehensive collection of work. His son, Walter, brought his father’s perceptions and theories into accord with the harmonic theories of Pythagoras and Johannes Kepler. In reverence to these great scientists, Walter Schauberger names his institute Pythagoras Kepler School (PKS).